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Eleanor Hamilton-Darrah (Scotland) 2013
James Thomas (U.S.A.) 2013

Starting in June 2013, Sophia University will organize a new short-term intensive program – the Summer Session in Japanese Language. The six-week Summer Session is designed for students who want to improve their Japanese language abilities through an intensive program in Japan. Students will study Japanese at the beginner or intermediate level in an international environment in the heart of Tokyo. Alongside the Japanese language courses, a lecture series on Japanese Studies will provide students with insights on Japan’s culture, society, economy, and history.

2nd application period will be open from April 1 to April 10 for the Summer Session in Japanese Language and Culture 2014.
・Acceptance notice will be sent sequentially till April 10.
・Deadline for tuition payment: April 15

Apply online here.

Applicants need to know that JASSO (Japan Students Service Organization) has decided to grant a scholarship to the 48 participants of this program. If you fulfill all the requirements stated in the email which will follow your entry to the program, submit the Confirmation Letter by April 10.
・Selection of beneficiaries will be made based on their GPA.
・The results of selection will be announced on/after April 17.

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Transcripts for Past partcipants

Program Overview
The program consists of two parts, a Japanese language course and a lecture series on Japanese studies. Every day in the morning, three periods of Japanese language classes are offered (90 classes in total), and in the afternoon a series of eight lectures (taught in English) will introduce the participants to important topics of contemporary Japan. The Japanese language courses are divided into three levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced- intermediate) and the class size is about 15 students.

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