Summer Session in Japanese Language

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Eleanor Hamilton-Darrah (Scotland) 2013
James Thomas (U.S.A.) 2013

Sophia University's short-term intensive program, Summer Session in Japanese Language and Culture, started in June 2013. The six-week Summer Session is designed for students who wish to improve their Japanese language abilities through an intensive program organized in Japan. Different proficiency levels of classes are offered and students study Japanese in an international environment in the heart of Tokyo. Alongside the Japanese language courses, a lecture series on Japanese Studies will provide students with insights on Japanese culture, society, economy, and history.

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Program Overview
The program consists of two parts, a Japanese language course and a lecture series on Japanese studies. In the morning, three periods of Japanese language classes are offered every day (90 classes in total), and in the afternoon a series of eight lectures (given in English) will introduce the participants to key topics of contemporary Japan. The Japanese language course consists of four proficiency levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced-intermediate, and advanced), and the class size is about 15 students.

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